Are You Looking for a Reliable Brantford Plumbing?

Serving Brantford home and business owners for all their plumbing needs is something we consider to be a privilege at Drain Rescue Plumbers Brantford. With over two decades of experience under our belt, our licensed technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle any plumbing task.

Brantford Drain Cleaning

Through years of food and other waste getting sent down the drain, a build-up of sticky grime can accumulate inside your drain pipes. That goo then acts like a magnet, trapping passing debris to further restrict the flow of water. While the use of plungers or commercial drain cleaners may provide temporary relief, it doesn’t eliminate this sticky residue, so the problem may soon return.

A more lasting solution is to call Drain Rescue Plumbers for more professional drain cleaning services. Our hydro-jetting process sends a high-powered jet of water down the length of the drain pipe, clearing away all of the built-up grime in the pipe. This solution is even powerful enough to blast through roots that have grown inside sewer lines.

Reliability and Trustworthiness Matter

At Drain Rescue, we’re all about providing superior quality plumbing services at affordable prices. Unlike other plumbing companies, we place our customers’ satisfaction above profits. That’s why we make every effort to keep our clients fully informed throughout the repair process, starting with a free, no-obligation quote before we even begin any work.

Our licensed technicians have all been specially selected and extensively trained to meet the highest standards of quality and service. All of this adds up to give you the very best peace of mind possible.