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Getting rid of your water-guzzling toilet not only helps the enviornment but it saves you money as well. We’re in the plumbing business, and no one knows toilets like us. Day in and day out we see a great influx of water saving toilets being installed in homes.

Water-Saving Toilets are all the rage right now and we are going to give you a list of reasons why you should buy one:

SAVE WATER: a water saving toilet saves up to 3 litres or more per fill. If you live in a household of four people and each person flushes once per day you are saving an average of 48 litres of water per day!

SAVE ELECTRICITY: it takes electricity to deliver the water to the toilet and the less water you use the less electricity you will use as well.

SAVE MONEY: the less water you use the less your water bill will be! Pretty simple math.


SAVE ON SEWAGE TREATMENT: all water that flows out of your toilet goes into the sewage system and the less water that enters the sewage system, the lower the operating costs will be.

SAVE ON HEALTH CARE: if you reduce how much water you use in your toilet it will reduce the amount of electricity produced and therefore reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. By doing so, less polutants will result in less hospital visits by those inhaling them.

CITY REBATES: many cities offer rebates for installing backwater valve, sump pump with backup battery or replacement drain/sewer line.

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