Drain Rescue plumbing reviews is constantly striving to improve ourselves and the overall experience of you, our customer. The best way that we are able to do this is through feedback that has been graciously provided by homeowners following the completion of a project. Continue on below to read what people are saying about us…

latteral sewer line replacement and backflow valve installation
Mark Perry from Hamilton
Oct 14, 2014

After having the city replace a sewer lateral waste line I had 3 estimates done to replace the pipe from my house to the city line . All estimates were to blow in a sock through a clay weeping system to meet city line . All the estimates were within 100 dollars or so of each other but Drain Rescue suggested to dig up and install a solid plastic pipe to join to the city line. Glad I did the job properly . No more tree roots every year clogging up drains. They also did my backwater valve and assisted me with all paper work to deal with city rebate programs that are available. They did a great job as well as back filling properly laying down drop matts and cleaning up after themselves. Thanks Dwayne and crew.


Total outside sewer blockage
Tim Birch from Ajax
Oct 02, 2014

had a company come in to redo my driveway had them also pave up the side of the house when they were excavating they took out the out side clay clean out pipe for the sewage they did not recap it properly when they back filled rocks fell in eventually building up and blocking off all sewage from the house called drain rescue to diagnose problem Bill came out scope the drain out with camera to find rocks and gravel blocking mean pipe to street next day they showed up to dig down six feet remove block pipes replaced with new PVC things are now working great I highly recommend this company very fast and quote was accurate thank you Bill Patrick for all your help.

Frozen pipes
Jeremy from Toronto
Jan 14, 2014

I tried to take a nice warm shower during the cold snap last week and discovered that I had no water, hot or otherwise! I called Drain Rescue and the plumber (Paul) was at my door in just over a half hour. He was fast, friendly, and very respectful to my home. My sister later told me that her pipes froze as well and I had no hesitation about recommending Drain Rescue!

Main Drain Replacement
Chris from Hamilton
Dec 16, 2013

Drain Rescue showed up on time, more than I can say about some of the other companies I called until I happened upon Drain Rescue. I noted they had a lot of good reviews here on homestars; so I called them. My main line had basically collapsed (old clay pipes) and my basement was flooded. The gentleman from Drain Rescue scoped the pipe (showed me the scope) and recommended we redo the entire drain under the basement floor. This meant digging up my basement. They quoted a price and schedule and they delivered. I work as a project manager in the construction industry and there is nothing like “on time and on budget!” Although the refinishing of my basement floor was not up to par, in the end given that it is an unfinishable basement with a concrete floor I really didn’t care. All in all, very satisfied, and Drain Rescue really got me out of a jam. Thanks guys. I would recommend you and will call you again. Actually I did because my toilet required snaking – showed up in an hour, and done. Thanks

Running & Leaky Toilet
John from Toronto
Nov 18, 2013

I recently had Drain Rescue come to my house to fix my toilet that has been constantly running. I actually attempted to be a handy man myself but ended up making it worse, causing a leak. At that point I knew I wasn’t able to do this alone. Wayne came to my house. He was super polite and got my toilet working like brand new. He made it look so easy. The price was reasonable and the service was great ! I will definately reccomend them to anyone who is having a plumbing issue.

Drain Repairs
Jamal T from North York
May 23, 2013

My business had some smells in the back room and I called this plumber to check it out. So I had a drain which was leaky sewage and they when ahead and cleaned it all out and fix the problem. The plumber did well, and the price was fair.

Water Closet Repair
Marisa E from North York
May 23, 2013

My house is getting older and my bathrooms are out of date. I have this older toilet and water closet in my second bathroom which is not working well and sometimes leaks on the floor. I hired this plumber to repair it and get it running again. I like the the service and they were good at fixing the toilet.

Emergency Plumbing in Basement
Julia K from Etobicoke
May 21, 2013

I was selling my house – a few hours before the buyer’s home inspector was to arrive, I started getting water come up through a drain in my bsmt. PANIC! Muskoka had flooding issues everywhere… I called ‘drain rescue plumbers’, and the plumber came quickly, worked quickly, was very professional and friendly, and now, my house is sold. Thanks Drain Rescue Plumbers! (Thanks Neil!)

Back Water Valve Installed
Bonnie R from Toronto
May 18, 2013

Stephan arrived to installed and replace our basement plumbing parts. Our sewer system had been backing up for awhile, so we called Drain Rescue Plumbers. We were worried out basement would start to flood if we didn’t fix the problem soon. It took about 4 hours to get everything working properly and the mess avoided. I was worried about contacting a plumber for this, since there have been terrible stories. But after calling this service, I will gladly call them again if we have any problems with the plumbing. Thanks guys!

Flooded basement-Drain Cleaning
Monica K from Old Toronto
May 16, 2013

When I came home from work last Tuesday I was surprised with 2 inches of water in my basement. I’m a single person with not much experience in the plumbing department so I asked my neighbor what to do. He recommended Drain Rescue (they’ve done work for my neighbor before). I called and the plumber was in my home in about 45 minutes. He had a big machine with him that cleared my drain (since it was blocked) and got rid of the flood. I am very happy with the service and would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone else.