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Big recomendation to Dwayne, Jake and Mike, they did a hydro flush to 8 of our condos, proffessional, quick and friendly Thank you

R Gee, Etobicoke20 days ago

I had some emergency work done (Sewage drain replacement, from my property line to the house), the team that Drain Rescue sent were the utmost professionals. They were informative, polite, and most importantly hard working. Dwayne, Vishali, Ivan, Igor, and Rudolph (I hope I got the spelling correct) are a top notch team. they managed to get what was initially 2 days of work done in 1 day. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I've read other reviews and have nothing but high praise about Drain Rescue and in particular the team. Thank you guys, I sincerely appreciate the time and effort put in to get my home back to a livable state.

D Moon, Etobicoke25 days ago

Our plumber Dwayne was excellent to work with. Very informative about our problem. I would highly recommend Drain Rescue for your emergency repairs and definitely ask for Dwayne

Debbie Thompson, Etobicoke2 months ago

My basement is old as my house. Surprise! It decided time was up for my water return to the outside. Fast response.great guys excellent work and I am very happy with how things went. Roman was super helpful all the way through on everything Can't give a better recommendation. Thank you so much guys. I really Appreciate the help through this start to finish Keith

Keith Davies, Etobicoke2 months ago

Discovered water under the laundry tub so called Drain Rescue. Talked to a real live person on second ring who scheduled an appointment same day. Awesome knowledgeable service and Brian fixed the problem right away. Would definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Pat Vander Eyken, Etobicoke4 months ago

I drilled a small hole only 2 inches deep into my basement concrete slab, and to my surprise, a slow trickle of warm clear water appeared in the hole. I put a wet-vacuum onto this drill hole, and I could suck up BUCKETS full of warm clear water - a literal endless supply - but it wasn't pressurized. I was so confused and distressed. Dwayne arrived quickly for a free inspection/quotation. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and took every step possible to assess the situation and determine the water source. He tested each toilet/sink/shower to listen for flow at the drill hole. He used a snake camera in multiple drains to look for a drill hole in the pipes. He mapped out the drain pipes under the concrete using a special radar tool. He opened and examined the sewer and drain washouts. But oddly, everything looked good... After over an hour of diligent inspecting around my utility room, he was able to determine that the source of the water was actually from a very small 1 inch rubber discharge tube, originating at my laundry room sink, and travelling down under the concrete towards my basement floor drain. The sink was constantly leaking hot water into this tube, from the main water supply. I had unluckily drilled into this tiny little 1" tube, which was only an inch below the concrete surface. This was a 1 in a million chance, and difficult to diagnose by visual inspection alone. After determining the source, Dwayne helped me re-route the tube and fix the leaking sink. We then confirmed with certainty that the leak was gone, by wet-vacuuming the drill hole again - but it was now dry, no more water could be sucked out of the drill hole. I literally can not say enough good things about Dwayne, who spent 2 hours determining and fixing this rare issue for only the cost of the camera use, $250. I immediately hired DrainRescue on the spot to perform some other unrelated plumbing work in the coming weeks. I spoke with other companies, they all said they will have to chip out the concrete to determine the cause, which could have cost thousands of dollars and delays. Feel like I won the plumber lottery with this company!

Greg Davidson, Etobicoke4 months ago

We had a major drain repair in 2019 that resulted in two pipes coming up to the service of our driveway at the front of our house. It was capped off. Yesterday, I ran over one of the drain caps with my recycling bins and it broke the cap which left the hole completely exposed. I called Drain Rescue right away and spoke to a woman I and explained my situation. She had Raman, the guy we delt with in 2019 call me today on my lunch in which he did. I explained what happened and he said he would come by my house later in the day and replace it and the other cap with newer and stronger ones. I got home from work at 5:00 p.m. and both were replaced. That is great service!! Thank you Raman.

Tammy Rivard, Etobicoke5 months ago

I called on a Saturday morning when we gave up trying to unclog the kitchen drain pipe ourselves. Marek was there in 2 hours and fixed it. Thanks for saving my weekend! I would definitely recommend this company.

Amy Goede, Etobicoke5 months ago

They value customers and help then in all possible ways!

Dheeptha Patel, Etobicoke6 months ago

Brian was very professional and fixed all the plumbing issues. Happy that i called Drain rescue plumbers.

Sonali Ogale, Hamilton6 months ago