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  • “Prompt response, investigated the problem, provided a solution to install a back water valve on main drain. Quotation was reasonable. Remediation was completed in a timely manner, City Inspector approved the BWV installation and the area was filled in and the concrete floor reinstalled. We are very thankful for the excellent customer service, backed-up by warranty.”

    - Agnes Peters from Toronto

  • “I was having an issue with a bad smell coming from my basement. I had absolutely no idea what could be causing this so, I called Drain Rescue because I realized that this smell was coming directly from a drain in my basement. The customer service rep told me she would be sending over a drain specialist to assess the situation because this seemed as though it was indeed a drainage issue. The technician arrived, scoped the work and was able to determine what the problem was. Knowing I had absolutely no idea of what was going on, the tech explained everything to me and made sure I understood what the problem was and what he was going to do to fix it. I felt comfortable agreeing to the work he suggested needed to be done and, it was the best decision I ever made. The job was not as expensive as I thought it would be and, most importantly, I no longer have smelly basement! Thanks Drain Rescue!”

    - Ashley Steward from Mississauga

  • “I tried to take a nice warm shower during the cold snap last week and discovered that I had no water, hot or otherwise! I called Drain Rescue and the plumber (Paul) was at my door in just over a half hour. He was fast, friendly, and very respectful to my home. My sister later told me that her pipes froze as well and I had no hesitation about recommending Drain Rescue!”

    - Jeremy from Toronto

Our plumbers are available 24/7

  • At your door within an hour

    It takes a special kind of person to wear a Drain Rescue uniform. We’re 100% committed to providing quality work at fair and honest prices, so we won’t just hire anyone for the sake of turning a profit. That's not how we work. Read more. Read more

  • Honest & Transparent

    Unfortunately, in the Toronto plumbing business there are far too many immoral people that use the subjective nature of pricing labour to exploit customers and rack up higher profits. It may sound crass, but it’s true. Drain Rescue is different. Read more. Drain Rescue is different. Read more

  • Free, no-obligation estimates

    Every plumbing problem is unique and very specific. Day or night, a weekday or a weekend, when you call Drain Rescue Plumbers in Toronto, we send a licensed plumber to your door within the hour! Once we arrive at your home, we thoroughly inspect the issue, assess the situation, identify what parts are needed and determine the number of labour hours required to resolve the problem. Read more. Read more

  • Licensed Plumbers

    Using a licensed Toronto plumber? This is an absolute MUST when it comes to the function of your plumbing system and the protection of your home. It’s up to you to avoid non-certified plumbers and those who claim to be certified but have no proof. Don’t end up with more problems than you already have. Do your research, choose wisely and confirm the necessary certifications before you hire a Toronto plumbing team. Drain Rescue plumbers are licensed, bonded and insured – and we’ve got the paperwork to prove it! Read more. Read more

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Plumbing services and repairs

At Drain Rescue Plumbers Toronto, we do it all and we do it right the first time! We have a full staff of licensed and trained plumbers, and all our workmanship is warranty-backed. Our Toronto plumber and drain technicians arrive fast with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform and a smile.

  • Plumbing Repair Service

    Sooner or later, every Toronto homeowner will face some kind of plumbing problem. Large or small, simple or complex, with 20 years of industry experience, Drain Rescue’s Toronto plumbing team has seen – and fixed – just about everything.

  • Clogged Drain

    Discovering a clogged drain is usually a surprising and unwanted event. If you see water building up around a drain in your home and not flowing through like it’s supposed to, you probably have a clog. We conduct a thorough inspection to locate the clog and promptly remove it.

  • Sewer Backup

    Sewer backups are caused by blockages from tree roots, drain line corrosions, improper disposal of grease or paper products, and excess water following a heavy rainfall or flood that leads to sewage flowing out of city sewer lines and into homes through drain pipes. Yikes! If you’ve got a backed up sewer, it’s time to get help right away.

  • Flood Protection

    We can’t control nature, but there’s a lot we can do to protect ourselves – and our homes – from the damage it’s capable of causing. Proper household waterproofing and flood protection can save you thousands of dollars over time, not to mention protect your home and the sentimental keepsakes inside of it.

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