Water Service Upgrades

Water Service Upgrades

Are you in need of a professional water service company?
Think your main water line could use a repair?
Is your water supply pipe leaking?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, many homes today are still equipped with outdated piping systems that can actually cause damage to the house and the people inside of it in a countless number of ways. At a bare minimum, the two main pipes you should focus on are those which lead from the property line to the water meter and from the property line to the water main. The proper function of these pipes is critical to the flow of water to and from your home.

We Perform Main Water Line Replacements

Did you know that obsolete lead pipes must be removed and you must get a water service upgrade to a modern plumbing system in order to ensure that you and your family are not drinking water that contains lead?

Here’s where Drain Rescue plumbers come to the rescue.

The Risks of Drinking Water with Lead

Ingesting water with lead can cause kidney problems and high blood pressure in adults, as well as damage to the physical and mental developments in babies and children. If your home was built on or before 1986, it is highly likely that its plumbing system uses lead pipes. When you book a consultation with a licensed  Drain Rescue plumber, we verify whether or not your pipes have been modernized.

The Benefits of  Water Service Upgrades

If you need a water service upgrade, don’t fret! It comes with a series of perks.

The majority of old drain lines have a diameter of ½” but modern household water usage requires a larger pipe of at least ¾” to perform adequately. In both cases, sediment lead build-up can cause the cavity where your water flows to become even narrower. If you think your home has lower than average water pressure, this is the most likely source of your problem.

Drain Rescue plumbers perform video inspections for this very purpose. Contact us today to book one.

Make the Smart Move

If you know that your home has an old, outdated main water service lead pipe, do what’s best for you and your family and upgrade to a new, safer copper pipe. Remember, health comes first.

Contact Drain Rescue and let one of our licensed plumbers will provide you with a free estimate for a professional water service upgrade.