Since 1997 Servicing Plumbing & Drain

Drain Rescue Plumbers has provided home and business owners just like you with a wide range of plumbing services. Our customers and our workmanship mean a lot to us and there are two fundamental principles that ground us in our everyday activities:

  1. Get there fast.
  2. Serve at the highest level of quality.

In the plumbing industry, we know that plumbers are only as good as the quality of their workmanship, and even if that quality is exceptional, if we get there too late all is lost. With this in mind, Drain Rescue has positioned itself as a market leader with only the most experienced and trained plumbers on staff and with a focus on local cities and neighbourhoods.

The Benefits of a Local Model

When time is of the essence (and when it comes to plumbing, it usually always is), calling a plumber 50 km away just won’t do. At Drain Rescue Plumbers, we are based company but we run numerous local teams of licensed, insured, bonded and experienced plumbers in surrounding areas. This means that when you call our dedicated, 24/7 phone lines that’s right, we’re always available…anywhere, anytime, for any emergency plumbing drain needs, you’re connected to the Drain Rescue plumbing team in that specific area. In other words, we’re just around the corner and we guarantee to be at your doorstep within the hour.

The Drain Rescue Plumbers Philosophy 

We believe strongly that every home is unique. Each plumbing system has its own features, functions and intricacies. Various problems that arise are unique to your property, no one else’s. So when we arrive at any service call, this is the approach we take. It is an approach characterized by customization and personalization. We don’t generalize. We don’t assume that your issue is the same as another. And we don’t slap down a fixed price before we have a solid understanding of exactly what’s going on.

We Inspect, We Learn, We Analyze … Then We Quote

You’ll never receive a quote from us before we’ve conducted a thorough inspection inside your drain, pipe, sewer line or other plumbing system component. We take the time to:

Drain Rescue plumbers believes in educating you along the way and maintaining complete transparency throughout the course of the service so you’re informed and ready to make important decisions.

Our Hiring and Training Process

Plumbing systems are complex. One wrong move and you might have a much bigger catastrophe on your hands. And that’s why it’s so critical that you choose a competent and professional company.

At Drain Rescue, each of our plumbers goes through a meticulous hiring and training process. Not only do we carefully select the professionals we hire, but we also train them to the highest industry standards. This ensures that the quality of work our clients’ have come to expect from us is continuously and consistently upheld.