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Vince was super professional. His response Time was super quick and fixed the issue satisfactorily

Lakshmi Priya, Etobicoke6 months ago

Vince was really great, solved the issue with our Laundry super quick! Thanks!

Sahir Shivji, Etobicoke6 months ago

Vince was very professional and quickly handled the emergency. He provided excellent value and is highly recommended!

Christopher Westmaas, Etobicoke8 months ago

Vince was excellent and very proficient

Joshua Borlack, Etobicoke8 months ago

Excellent service. Within 24 hours of my call everything was taken care of. Vince did an excellent job!

Rida Bukhari, Etobicoke8 months ago

Wayne came. He saw. He fixed. We happy.

Ken Davis, Etobicoke9 months ago

Vince was amazing! He was so kind and knowledgeable and quickly solved our drain problems. He thoroughly answered my questions in a way that easy to understand and was very respectful of our home which I don’t often see with other service providers. Thanks again, Vince!

Pearl, Etobicoke9 months ago

Great, fast and friendly service in a plumbing emergency. Professional, prompt and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

The Wine Find, Etobicoke9 months ago

Good service!

Carrie Ann Maxwell, Etobicoke10 months ago

Drain Rescue Plumbers arrived quickly, within the specified timeframe and cleared our drain. It was such a reassurance as first time own owners to have someone arrive so quickly and fix our problem! Would recommend 10/10

Sandra Habel, Etobicoke10 months ago