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How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

The water heater is one of those components that’s easy to forget is in the home, but you really feel its absence when it’s not working! No more hot showers or baths? No more dish washing? No more warm water for the laundry? This can be a major inconvenience.

So how do you avoid this? Fortunately, you are not trapped in a position where all you can do is wait for your water heater to unexpectedly fail and then get a water heater replacement. There will be some signs that a failure is on the way, so keep an eye out for these telltale indicators and plan accordingly.

Your Water Is Dirty

If you are turning on your hot water and noticing rust, dirt or other contaminants in it, this is a definite warning sign. If you notice this issue when you turn on both taps, it’s usually a problem with the water pipes themselves. If only the hot water tap is dirty or contaminated, this means the problem is in the water heater tank.

Your water heater tank is rusted and is going to continue to fail on you unless something is done at this point. You may need to drain your water tank to get rid of sediment if that’s an issue, but if the rust is severe, this is a sign of unavoidable failure and subsequent replacement.

The Tank Leaks

This is another serious issue. A water tank should never, ever leak water unless it is deliberately drained, such as to clean out sediment as mentioned above. If you check your water heater tank, and you notice that water is pooling around the outside of the tank, that means the structural integrity is already compromised.

This is not going to fix itself and is only going to get worse. This is an internal failure, and needs to be addressed quickly. A water heater replacement is your best bet.

The Heater Is Old

If you are just moving into a new home, this is something you might want to take care of for some added peace of mind in the years to come. Generally speaking, water heaters should give reliable, trouble-free operation for 10-15 years. If the water heater in the home you are moving into is over 20 years old, for example, strongly consider getting a water heater replacement now, before any trouble crops up, rather than hoping things will carry on for another 10-15 years.

It’s Making Noise

If you are familiar with the noises that your water heater tank makes, and then one day notice that it’s making new noises, this is another big red flag. At the very least, it means you should have your water heater looked at to see if it needs a repair.

However, if it’s an older model, or shows some of the other signs that we’ve indicated, then you might need a water heater replacement instead. As with any other machinery, a water heater tank suddenly making new, unexpected noises is not a good sign, and this problem will not go away if ignored, it will only get worse.

Get Professional Help

Of course, the ultimate sign that you need a water heater replacement is when you no longer have hot water! But don’t let it get that far! Fixing or getting a water heater replacement is not an easy DIY fix and requires experience and the right equipment. Make sure you get in certified professionals for this.

The team at Drain Rescue Plumbers can help with all your water heater repair and replacement services. Contact us today when you need expert advice.


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