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by Mark Stone, Published on

5 Plumbing Services You May Not Know About

Most people know that when they have a clog or leak, the professional to contact is a plumber. These companies offer a wide range of plumbing services beyond the basics, including things like inspections, preventative work and maintenance, cleanup services, and more. To give you an idea of how comprehensive your local plumber’s services may be, here are five services they offer that you may not have known about.


1. Sewer Backup Cleaning

When your sewer backs up, it can allow wastewater to enter your home, and this is a very dangerous situation. Wastewater contains bacteria and chemicals that are hazardous to human health and the environment, meaning it can contaminate your home and potentially make your family ill. When you do have a sewer backup, it’s essential to call in professionals who are equipped to deal with the contamination, and this is just one of many services offered by your local plumber.


2. Flood Prevention

Flooding is a major cause of many emergency calls that plumbers receive, so it might not be too surprising that many plumbers offer basement flood prevention services. Offerings include specific services like sump pump installation and maintenance, backwater valve installation and maintenance, and wall sealing to prevent water from seeping in through your foundation.


3. Retrieval of Valuable Objects

Picture this: you’re washing dishes after dinner with the family, and as you go to drain the water, your wedding band slips off your finger and down the drain before you even know what’s happened. Sound familiar? People lose valuables like jewelry down the drain all the time, and your neighbourhood plumber will be able to retrieve the item safely without pushing it farther into the system.


4. Professional Drain Cleaning

Another related service that plumbers perform is drain cleaning, which is like preventative clog maintenance. Rather than waiting until you have a blockage in your pipes that disrupts water from flowing freely, regular drain cleaning by a professional plumber can keep your pipes clean and free of debris and buildup, and this will prevent clogs, slow running drains, corrosion, and unexpected calls to the plumber.


5. Plumbing Inspections

When buying a home, you know you should get a home inspection before finalizing an offer, but did you know you can also request a plumbing inspection? Even if you’re not in the process of buying a home, plumbing inspections can identify problems and potential issues with your plumbing system and show you what preventative work you might want to complete now to avoid major catastrophes in the future.


Your neighbourhood plumber offers plenty of services you may not know about, and you can rely on these professionals for a lot more than fixing clogged toilets or leaky faucets. If you lose something valuable down your drains, want an inspection or preventative maintenance performed, or need help cleaning up your home after a sewer backup, contact the plumbing professionals at Drain Rescue Plumbers.

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