Do You Have Tree Roots in Your Pipes?

Sewer lines are one of the most integral parts of any city’s water management system. Underneath your front lawn, there’s a sewer line that leads out of your home and into the municipality’s sewage. With this main line functioning properly, it acts as an excellent defence against any kind of flooding in your home.

Like anything else, problems can occur with your sewer lines. These can include sloping, erosion, corrosion, leaking and all kinds of damages that happen as a result of impacted plant tree roots. To avoid issues inside your home, it’s critical that your sewer line be in excellent working order. Hire a professional sewer company to clean your sewer pipe or provide tree roots removal maintenance if need be.

Tree Roots Removal from Main Sewer Lines

If you discover tree roots growing into your drains or if you see that they’ve actually managed to crack your drain pipes, it’s time to call our sewer expert right away. At Drain Rescue, we’ve handled and corrected a countless number of sewer issues involving tree roots removal. Whether you need a repair or a replacement as a result of tree roots blocking your sewer line, we arrive at your home equipped and ready to help.

It’s always our top priority to identify the source of your problem. There’s no guesswork or assumptions. Using cutting-edge video inspection camera technology, we can gain a clear visual of your pipes. Once we know what the issue is with full confidence, we cut and clear main drain lines, solve clogging issues, remove tree roots that have penetrated your drains and conduct a professional cleaning.

Why Drain Cleaning?

Before we conduct any kind of drain cleaning service, our plumbers provide complete inspections and assessments. We check for sediment build-up in your pipes, along with other clogs and obstructions that may be dangerous to the system. A thorough, professional drain cleaning can also help to rectify any small back-up issues that may be present in the system before they become costly and serious.

Sewer Tree Roots Removal and Potential Problems

If left untreated, it’s possible for tree roots to penetrate your sewer lines and cause cracks. This most often happens in old iron pipes that really should be replaced. At Drain Rescue, we always try to save our clients money wherever we can so tree roots removal repairs come first, replacements second in our books. We seal any cracks to buy homeowners a little time, but it’s important to note that this is a temporary solution and a more permanent fix will need to take place down the road.

A good cleaning can work wonders for your drain lines. Especially if you’re experiencing issues in your home, consider hiring a sewer service to clean your drains and sewer lines. Most importantly, regular inspections can help you find problems as they arise and before they get completely out of hand – costing you way more money than you anticipated! Once you know exactly what the issue or potential issue is, you can make an informed decision to repair or replace your sewer and drain pipes.