Why choose a licensed plumbers Toronto? Using a certified licensed plumber is a must when it comes to the protection of your home. And your entire home’s plumbing repair. Avoiding non-certified or claiming to be certified plumbing specialist. It can cause you to risk the safety of your building. And end up with more problems than you currently have.

Most of the time people want to save money or cut costs when it comes to home repair. People think hiring someone under the table to fix their plumbing will help save. This is a good way to cause severe problems later. Hiring a licensed plumbers Toronto who charges a premium is well worth. The peace of mind to know that the job has been done properly by a skilled expert.

Licensed plumbers Toronto strive for excellence. We expect nothing less from our staff. That’s why we implement a rigorous hiring process at Drain Rescue head office. We do a background check on every one of our technicians. We also have them submit a driving abstract to ensure their driving skills. To make sure that they are good enough to operate a Drain Rescue vehicle.

The requirements for becoming a licensed plumbers Toronto. It’s vary depending on what province or state you are in. We will focus on the requirements for Ontario. Since this is where our head office is. In order to own a plumbing business or franchise in Ontario. You must have certification. This is mandatory within the trade of plumbing.

 Licensed Plumbers Toronto

Someone aspiring to be a plumber must complete a 5 year apprenticeship. This includes 720 hours of post-secondary education training. Along with 9,000 hours of on-the-job training. This gives you experience in the field. A school like George Brown College is ideal. Once you have completed the above. You must apply for the Certification of Qualification. Upon acceptance you will receive a provisional certificate. Then you must pass the Certification of Qualification exam. Then you must complete the training associated with the Apprenticeship Training Standards for Plumbers. Once you have completed these tasks. You are ready to be a licensed plumber. You may now start applying for plumbing positions!

If you would like to schedule licensed plumber to your home or business. Please contact us! Over phone or just fill in form. We will book an appointment for you. Give us a call at any time! 24 hour a day. 7 days a week. Drain Rescue Plumbers employee will respond you immediately. Plumbing expert will be at your door  within an hour. We are committed to provide best services to our client. For any residential and commercial plumbing needs around Greater Toronto area.