As winter’s harsh temperatures hit, water freezes and expands and can result in troublesome frozen pipes and bursts, which can cause property damage and money. At Drain Rescue Plumbers, we know what a headache no water for cooking and cleaning can be. We offer knowledgeable, professional plumbers who can handle anything from exposed piping to an unheated crawl space pipe with ease and effectiveness.

Frozen Pipe Repair Equipment

Whether you have the know-how to thaw your own frozen water pipe, or it’s time to call in the professionals, there are certain, insulated tools you can use to do so effectively:

High Powered Hair Dryer or Heat Gun: if you’re trying to thaw out your frozen pipes yourself, using a hair dryer or heat gun is the safest and best equipment to do so.

Heat Lamp: for exterior pipes, a heat lamp works well. If your piping is closer to the wall, try placing a baking sheet behind the pipe in order to reflect more heat.

Portable Heater: this type of heater works best for frozen pipes that are located under a vanity base cabinet in the kitchen.

Electric Pipe Heat Tape: This tool comes with an electrical heating element, which you can wrap around a frozen water pipe. In order to heat the pipe, you’ll have to plug in the heat tape. The best thing about this is you can leave it on your pipe and plug into it when preventing future freezing.

Frozen Water Pipe Services

Time to call in the professionals? If you’re unfamiliar with dealing with frozen pipes, or simply want to ensure a proper job well done, Drain Rescue Plumbers can be at your door within the hour. Not only do we use professional pipe-thawing equipment, but we’re honest and transparent, and have licensed plumbers located in Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. For trusted 24/7 plumbing services, contact us today!