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Common Causes for Clogged Drains

It always seems like drains tend to get clogged at the most inconvenient times.

Washing dishes after a big dinner. Brushing your teeth or washing your hair as you’re set to head out. That dreaded time your toilet won’t flush properly. Yikes! Clogged drains can be a real bother and, without being addressed in a timely fashion, can leave bad smells and ugly sights. For plumbers, drain repair is a dream come true. But to ensure you don’t have to go through such nightmares, here are some common causes that lead to a clogged drain.

Grease Build-up

When washing dishes, grease and oil cake tend to stick to drain pipe walls, causing a stop-start motion as water shoots down your drain. Add in detergent soap scum plus any food particles, and you have a real problem on your hands. To avoid clogged drains in your kitchen, try running hot water through the drain to soften that clog. Then use detergent, just a small bit, before running more hot water. After a few minutes, use your plunger before using hot water once more to finish the job.

It also helps beforehand to make sure you scrape out every food grain and particle left on your plate before taking it to your sink. A thorough inspection never hurts. You don’t want anything going down that’s not supposed to. Should your drain get damaged as a result and you start panicking, call for drain repair in Toronto as soon as possible.

Too Much Soap

Sometimes it’s better not to have enough of something than having too much. When dealing with clogged drains, always keep that in mind. With whatever you’re washing, try not to use too much soap as, over time, drain walls will tighten due to buildup. A small bit of soap or dishwashing liquid can eliminate large dirt buildup while reducing soap scum buildup in the drains.

Foreign Objects

Hair, dust, and other foreign objects don’t do your drains any favours. While you’re cleaning yourself to look fresh each day, do your best to also keep your sink fresh by catching any debris, if possible. Throwing ear swabs, diaper wipes, and other non-water-soluble products down your toilet will make flushing increasingly difficult over time. Instead of opening your toilet, open a garbage bin and dispose of them correctly. Such measures will cause you not to search for the plunger at every turn.

Trees and Plants

Residue from trees and plants, particularly in fall and winter, can also mean bad news for your water drains. Leaves are one factor, but problems are also caused by tree roots as they often grow underneath searching for water to stay alive. Your drains will be a target, so ensure you maintain your garden regularly by cleaning debris and water your trees and plant them far away from the sewer line so issues won’t stem from this potential obstacle.

Bad Installation

Sometimes clogged drains are caused by those who install them. A bad installation can cause a severe blockage. Even if you’re a skilled do-it-yourself type, don’t try to install a drain system yourself. Let a licensed plumber come in and do the job.

Should you be searching for that licensed plumber, look no further than Drain Rescue Plumbers. Top drain repair in Toronto that’s fast and effective. Not only will your drains be cleared, but so will those headaches you got while wondering aloud why these things were happening. Call Drain Rescue Plumbers now so we can unclog your drain and ease the pain!

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