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How a Professional Plumber Can Solve a Sewer Backup Problem

There are few things worse than when your sewer gets clogged, exposing you to smells and sights no homeowner should have to deal with.

Sewage backups can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening if they aren’t properly addressed, as it can cause electrical malfunctions, serious damage to your home or even bring diseases. This can be caused by extensive clogging, tree roots seeking moisture, and backed up sewer lines.

Clearing sewage backup is a very dirty job, in Toronto or anywhere else, but someone’s got to do it. Here are some effects caused by sewer backup, plus some methods a professional plumber may utilize to fix that problem, saving your nose and eyes in the process.

Installing a Backwater Valve

Having a backwater valve installed can be a major safety net for homeowners, preventing your basement from invasion by raw sewage and flood waters. Should your cement floor and basement walls age over time, they become less waterproof, leaving your home exposed to flooding and accompanying debris.

Backwater valves are small devices that can be found at your local Home Depot. But it makes a big impact by stopping the water flow and removing any excess water. They are considered equalizers to water pressure.

A professional plumber will dig through your basement floor, then implement a new sewer line so the valve can be installed and function at its best. Once installed, you are responsible for properly maintaining your new valve. Should it crack and start leaking, call a plumber right away for repairs.

Sewer Drain Snake

Nothing to fear here; we’re not talking about an actual snake in your sewer. This device helps to dislodge clogs during drain repair. Armed with the drain snake, the plumber can locate the main sewer line, remove the snake’s cap, then check for any standing water in your pipe. Should standing water be there, plumbers will ensure the drain machine cable runs closer to your street. If not, the cable will be pointing towards your house.

Once the cable’s head is removed, it will slowly move through your drain until it feels resistance. It will move back and forth a few feet at a time until your drain is fully unclogged.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses a jet of reverse-action water with high pressure to scour pipes, clearing build-up caused by debris and other things. Using a specialized nozzle, build-up within your pipe is pressure-washed and flushed from your drain system.

Video Inspection

For plumbers to understand how much damage has been done due to sewer backup in your Toronto home, video inspection helps you understand the extent of damage, detecting issues that could cause future problems. This eliminates guesswork and prevents any need to dig your basement. Should these problems be detected early enough, it will save your home and your wallet.

To eradicate sewer backup in Toronto and make sure you never have to deal with such a serious issue again, call Drain Rescue Toronto today and get rid of sewage backup in your home.

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