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by Mark Stone, Published on

Go Green With Your Plumbing

Go green plumbing with your plumping in your home is a way to save money and help the environment. As a consumer of water and plumbing, it’s important to maximize efficiency in your home while being eco-friendly. Today’s manufacturers have created the most stylish and innovative Green and Ecofriendly plumbing systems.
Here are 3 ways how you can go green with your plumbing, therefore, helping the environment and keeping our energy costs down.

Install Low-Flow & Eco-Friendly Fixtures

By improving your water fixtures, water consumption and energy usage you can help save thousands of gallon’s water per year. Install low-flow toilets, shower heads and sink faucets. These are just a few of the fixtures that you can simply replace right away and start saving money.

Install Clean Water Filtration Systems

A really good and eco-friendly water filtration system will help you save on not only your water bill, but help reduce clean water waste. Many people buy water bottles and expensive water filter products, which aren’t necessary for drinking water when efficient water filtration systems are installed in your home.

This will help to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing less of these disposable products, which can end up in landfills and hurt the environment.

Epoxy Pipe Lining & Pipe Protection

Pipes can become broken often, causing leaks and other costly damages to your home. When regular pipes start to cause problems, we often tear up the walls and end up replacing everything which can be very expensive. Drywall and other toxic elements in your home get throw away into landfills, why not stop this from happening a keep your home eco-friendly.

Using Epoxy Lining you can stop your pipes from erosion and corrosion issues, thus saving you the time and money of replacing regular and non-energy efficient pipes.

Go Green Plumbing

These are just some of the great tips which you can use to make your home eco-friendly; some are very easy to do. So remember, while doing renovations and installations on your home keep in mind that you should be helping to save the environment.

Keep your home running cleanly and efficiently will save you money and won’t sacrifice style and look. Millions of homes in Canada that use Green and EcoFriendly plumbing systems help to protect our natural habitat in Canada.

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