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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Kitchen Renovation

So you’ve finally made it to the point where you’re ready to renovate your Kitchen,

and you’re excited but also a little nervous–after all, everyone’s heard horror stories about all the things that can go wrong during a home renovation.

Unfortunately, it’s true that even a tiny mistake in placement or size can throw your entire plumbing system out of whack and leave you with thousands of dollars in damage.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a licensed plumber can bring you peace of mind before, during, and long after your kitchen renovation.

1 – Length of Training

Just like with anything, practice makes perfect. But there are many contractors working today that may not meet your high standards. While they may be competent, they don’t have the type of experience that a licensed professional does.

In Canada, it takes around 5 years to complete the in-school and onsite portions of a plumber training program. It’s important that a professional have plenty of hands-on experience if you are dealing with something as extensive and costly as a renovation.

2 – Equipment

Having the right tools and parts handy, and knowing how to use them, of course, is key to any job. It takes quite a bit of work to keep on top of equipment and parts, especially when it comes to newer buildings. Professional companies are able to keep on top of changing times and technology and stay stocked with the right type of equipment.

3 – Versatility

Hiring a professional plumber from a company with qualified staff will give you the advantage of finding someone that has the right type of expertise that you need, and even have a backup person when required. They are also more likely to be able to offer a variety of services.

4 – Guarantee and Maintenance

A licensed, trusted plumber or company will not only be able to give you a guarantee on their first round of work since they have a business reputation to keep up, they will also likely make themselves more available for returns should there be a problem or even just for maintenance. Contractors may not have this type of flexibility or even be so reliable should anything go wrong. A well-established company will not only provide a warranty but will show up when you need them.

5 – It Will Save You Money

If you’re going through a renovation, the last thing you need is for something not to be installed right only to have it break down weeks or even years later. It is simply not an option–nor can you afford it if you go to sell your house and the plumbing doesn’t pass inspection for some reason.

Professional plumbers can make a thorough evaluation of all fixtures, settings, and alignment issues and they will have a better understanding of where you stand whether you need them before, during or after the renovation.

Renovations can get quite complex and require a certain amount of specialized knowledge that only a licensed plumber is likely to have. Knowing that you have trusted professionals at the ready is important. If you’re a Toronto homeowner who’s looking for a qualified professional to rebuild or repair your Kitchen plumbing in Toronto,contact Drain RescuePlumbers today.

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