When a water line is affected by things like mineral build-up, ground movement, freezing, thawing and general deterioration – you might experience problems such as reduced water pressure or water discoloration. At Drain Rescue Plumbers, we offer detailed assessments and use a specialized plumbing video camera to locate the exact cause of your water pipe repair.

Why a Water Line Replacement is Necessary

To ensure you and your family aren’t drinking water that contains lead, it’s required in Toronto to remove obsolete lead pipes and upgrade your water service to a modern plumbing system. If your home was built in or before 1986, it’s likely there’s a plumbing system in place that uses lead pipes.

Not only can ingesting water with lead cause kidney problems and high blood pressure, but physical and mental development in babies and children can also be impacted. Booking a consultation with one of our licensed plumbers will verify whether or not your pipes have been modernized.

Benefits of a Water Pipe Repair

Whether your water line problem is an urgent fix or you know your home has an outdated main water system – our expert plumbers are well-versed at using cutting-edge technology that allow us to create an entirely new pipe inside your old one. Benefits of a water line repair with us:

At Drain Rescue Plumbers, we take a tailored approach to each job we take on. Not only do we replace water lines, but water line repair jobs encompass:

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