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How To Address These 4 Common Toilet Problems

Your toilet is one of those fixtures that may not be as visible or glamorous as your new stove in the kitchen, or the flat-screen TV in the living room but if it stops working, it can literally drive you out of your home. After all, if you can’t use the toilet in your home to get rid of waste, this leaves you in an uncomfortable and inconvenient position.

When your toilet has a problem, you want to deal with it as quickly as possible. But aside from the dreaded and familiar clogged toilet, what else can go wrong? Here are few of the other more common issues.

1 – Phantom Flush

Sometimes you may hear your toilet make that familiar noise that indicates it’s refilling with water. But of course, this should only happen if you’ve flushed the toilet, and the tank now needs more water to get it ready for the next time someone needs to use it. How did this happen? Plumbers refer to this as the “phantom flush.”

Usually, the culpritwill be a very slow leak into the toilet bowl itself. Under normal circumstances, the water in the toilet tank is “sealed” from the toilet itself, and only enters the toilet when you flush it. However, a bad “flapper” or “flapper seat” may mean that water is very slowly escaping the toilet tank. Once it falls below a certain level the toilet tank will replenish the supply. You’ll need professional toilet repair to get the flapper fixed to stop phantom flushes.

2 – Bowl Water Level Drops

You may flush your toilet with no issue and see water fill up the bowl once again. However, the next time you check the toilet, you realize that there’s less water in the bowl but no one has flushed the toilet. What happened?

You may have a partial clog somewhere in the drainage pipe. Depending on how the clog or blockage forms it can create a suction effect that gradually draws water away from the bowl and down into the drainage pipe itself. Get rid of the clog and your water level will stop sinking.

3 – Water On The Floor

If you find water on the floor near the toilet, you will want to get an expert to act on this quickly. Water on the floor from your toilet means that you may have a faulty wax ring which will need to be replaced.

The wax ring is an actual ring made of wax that sits between your toilet and the drainage pipe, acting as a water seal. While it can last for many years, it’s not indestructible, and may need some toilet repair and replacement.

4 – Loose Handle

If you attempt to flush the toilet and realize the handle is loose this means that the handle itself has become disconnected from the toilet. Under normal circumstances, this usually means you just need to reconnect the handle to the lift chain, or you might need to adjust the handle-mounting nut inside the tank.

Some toilet repair you can conduct yourself, like the loose handle if you’re willing to open up the toilet and do the work. For other toilet repair activities, it’s best to call in the professionals to get things safely working again! Drain Rescue Plumbers is your source for fast and reliable toilet plumbing repair and replacement services. Contact us today for more information!

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