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Excellent service from Drain Rescue plumbers. We had a major sewer main issue and the team came in and dug out our old sewer Main and replaced it with new PVC. They did this in about 4 days and it was a big job. Their receptionist was helpful in making sure that we got the permit from town of Oakville in time and also qualified us for a rebate for the sewer backup system. Thanks again for a job well done.

Wei-Han, Etobicoke1 year ago

I had a leak coming from up from the concrete in the basement. It completely soaked the carpet, and the leak wouldn't stop. Dennis first came out, fed a snake through the pipes, and everything looked good. The leak was still prevalent, however. The following day, another gentleman came by, sealed the cap, and it looked like the problem was resolved. But the leak was still there, and the carpet became increasingly saturated. It was then recommended to excavate to determine the source of the problem. Olly came by the next day, jackhammered the concrete, and found the source. Replaced the pipe and, quite frankly, improved the old setup when doing so. Asked to flush toilets and turn on sinks. Eureka! The problem was resolved, and Olly cleaned up immaculately! Resurfaced the excavated area, one couldn't even tell the concrete was jackhammered. So pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Drain Rescue to friends, family, and neighbours. Thanks, Olly and Dennis, for your professionalism and restoring my basement!

Mike Bates, Etobicoke1 year ago

You will not believe how many plumbing services I called in Markham and how many of them failed to live up to their reviews. What's really strange is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have 4.5+ star rating on google. After calling what seemed like 20 different plumbing companies and having them all quote me a different price on having the technician come in, I stumbled upon one that had the cheapest ($65) quote and the representative arranged for a 6AM arrangement, which I was completely fine with because I am a night owl. I stayed up until then and waited. No call. I call them and ask if someone is on the way, the representative tells me that they messaged the person to contact me when they arrive. 2 hours go by and I'm livid. With no update on the plumber, I go back on the internet and contact 4 more companies, Drain Rescue Plumbers being one of them. All these other companies REQUIRE you to pay them for their time, regardless if they do any work, but Drain Rescue Plumbers was different with no fee for someone to come in and evaluate the situation. This seemed kind of suspicious to me since every company told me I needed to pay them but I decided to schedule for someone to come and the representative was able to get someone within 2 hours. BLESS THEIR SOUL. LET ME TELL YOU, Charles, this man was the best, a true blessing in disguise. After the unprofessional behaviour from the other company, I was desperate to get this toilet fixed (I dropped a bottle and it was lodged in the middle). I tried fixing it myself by disassembling and unscrewing everything before, and Charles actually waived the cost that would charge me for taking apart the toilet (even though I didn't really do much so I think he did it out of the kindness of his heart) but he gave me an estimate that was very reasonable. He got the job finished in less than an hour. I've been waiting for the toilet to be fixed since 9pm last night, with a promised time of 6AM by the first company. I called Drain Rescue Plumbers at 8AM and it is now 10:48AM of that same day. I am severely sleep deprived at the moment but I still had the urge to write this review since everyone should request Charles because he is the superman of plumbers, a true hero and savior.

Leone Qi, Etobicoke1 year ago

Very good reliable service

Yevgen Koturienko, Etobicoke1 year ago

One of the technicians from Drain Rescue helped me with a clogged kitchen sink, everything works fine, the issue was cleared, and the price corresponds to the quality of the job. Thank you!

Ольга Хараим, Etobicoke1 year ago

One of the technicians from Drain Rescue helped me with a clogged kitchen sink, everything works fine, the issue was cleared, and the price corresponds to the quality of the job. Thank you!

Ольга Хараїм, Etobicoke1 year ago

Quick, professional and reasonably priced...backed up toilet last year and backup up tub this year... didn't know our tub and bathroom sink were connected so that was good to know...thank you Julio for your exceptional service!

Arnold Alvela, Burlington1 year ago

Paid $ 367.25 for a clogged toilet. The guy that came was very courteous, professional and unclogged the toilet using a snake and cleared it in 15 minutes. Price is a bit steep.

Giovanni Salamon, Etobicoke1 year ago

Very professional and quick service Would recommend

monika mcgillivray, Hamilton1 year ago

The reason I gave them a 5 Star is because I had a Clogged Kitchen Drain and I called Drain Rescue Plumbers, Mississauga Location, and the Customer Service Rep. was very polite and I explained to her my situation and she said I can some one on Sunday to check it out. On Sunday, July 24th 2022 in the afternoon their Service Manager from Drain Rescue came to check it out, he was very prompt and on time. He checked it and also suggested some important factors, first factor was that the Kitchen drain pipes were wrongly done, second he suggested if we do a Hydro Jet flushing to clean the drain which would help in the long run. it was a cost and he said around somewhere between 1400+. The main thing what I liked about Drain Rescue and the Technician who came to work on the job, was his Honesty, and Professionalism he just charged me for cleaning the drain and no other charges or hidden fees. The reason I am saying this is that previous 2 months back I had the same issue and I called a Professional and they charged me an arm and a leg very expensive and also included travel time which my bill in the end before taxes was 500 and top of it taxes. I strongly recommend Drain Rescue for any Plumbing issue in your house, they are very Professional, On time, Responsive and also they have good customer service. I can go on and on, and write a full essay on them. Steven D'Souza

Steven D'Souza, Etobicoke1 year ago