Plumber Toronto West

With so many of our competition saying they are better than us. We decided to set the record straight. To be the best plumber Toronto west.
Read our reviews, see just exactly what customers are saying about our work.  Remember to use us the next time you need the best drain and plumbing services in Toronto!

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Our services at Drain Rescue are fast, organized and professional with a code of standards not like most other plumbers in the Toronto area. We challenge anyone to disagree with us. Which you can do by commenting at the end of this post. But we are going to say it again. We are the best plumber  Toronto west, bar none. Here are 5 great reasons why our services trump the other plumbers you will find in the yellow pages and on google.

 We Offer Free Estimates

Plumber Toronto West offer free estimates for all our customers when we show up at your house. You are not obligated to do anything until you sign off to get the work done. Then you get your free estimate. Who else provides the free cost of inspection to find the problem and then removes that cost off your bill? Not Many!

We Are 24/7 Operational

We operate in the west end of Toronto nearly 24 hours a day. Even if you have a problem in the middle of the night you can all us for a free estimate. Get your plumbing or drain fixed immediately when you call. We have the shortest wait times around!

We Have The Latest Technologies In Our Industry

Backed by our guarantee we promised to provide the best cutting edge service. We get the job done with our state of the art tools. Our drain snake with our fibre optic camera will be sure to find the source of the problems fast. You won’t find many companies who provide this type of expertise!

Plumber High Park Toronto Guarantee Certified Professional

We never hire anyone who isn’t certified. All the proper credentials and experience are a necessity. Our plumbers Toronto west near Bloor West Village are some of the most experienced and courteous professionals in High Park area. And we love talking about it!  One of our best plumbers Toronto west area.

We Clean Up Better

Plumber Toronto West service there customers with some of the cleanest methods around. Your home or business will smell fresher than before we came to your call. Our cleanliness speaks for itself.  We provide the best quality plumbing and drain service the industry has to offer!