Toronto Shower Repairs

The shower is one of those parts of our home that we tend to take for granted. We use it every day, walking in and out many times over without giving it so much as a second thought. Until an issue arises! As is the case with so many plumbing problems, shower repairs often happen suddenly and without warning.

It could be…

• A clogged shower drain
• A dripping shower
• A leaking shower head
• Low or no shower pressure
• A problem with the shower valve
• A shower valve cartridge issue

Shower Drain Clogged Emergencies in Toronto

While most shower drain clogged emergencies do not threaten your home with the same property damage that a sewer backup would, they require the same level of immediate repair. We understand that your shower is something you use – and need – every single day, which is why we’ll be at your doorstep in under an hour to perform all required shower repairs to your Toronto home. Whatever the problem, we’ll dissect it and correct it with a repair, a new installation or a shower upgrade.

DSC_6562b_ Shover Head Repair         Shower drain clogged


New Shower Installation and a Bent Pipe Repair

“Service was performed promptly and efficiently. Repairs to a pipe in the bathtub area were required along with shower and faucet replacements. Drain Rescue also replaced the sink faucet and installed new flex lines.”

– June Kellner from Toronto

Frozen Pipes

“I tried to take a nice warm shower during the cold snap last week and discovered that I had no water, hot or otherwise! I called Drain Rescue and the plumber (Paul) was at my door in just over a half hour. He was fast, friendly and very respectful to my home. My sister later told me that her pipes froze and I had no hesitation about recommending Drain Rescue!”

– Jeremy Powell from Toronto

Shower Drain Snake, Drain Unclogging

“My shower drain clogged up from the previous owner in my condo, and was starting to cause the stand up shower in my second bathroom to clog. I called Drain Rescue Plumbers to come and look at the problem because I had found one of their $50 off coupons. When the plumber arrived the next day, he was dressed well and very informative. He answered all my questions and I was very happy with how the drain snake was used to find the problem and how easy it was to fix with the right tools. I would definitely use them again for when I move into my new condo next year. If I have any plumbing problems I will know who to call. Drain Rescue to the Rescue :)!”


Don’t go another day without a functioning shower.

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