Fixing Leaky Faucets in Toronto Homes

Leaky faucets are a common complaint among homeowners. Whether it’s a leaky faucet repair in your bathtub, shower, bathroom sink or kitchen sink, it’s important that you repair or replace it right away so you don’t wind up spending hundreds of extra dollars in leaking water on your next bill.

Drain Rescue plumbers arrive fast and work fast to repair and replace leaky faucets in your home.

Understanding Your Leaky Faucet Repair

If you’re like most Toronto homeowners, your home has a variety of faucets. Each faucet has a different level of water pressure and a different way of controlling how water flows to your drains.

When you hire Drain Rescue Plumbers, we first dissect the leaky faucet issue thoroughly. If it needs a repair, we perform it on the spot. If it needs a complete replacement, we perform a new faucet installation. Our licensed plumbers always come prepared with a fully stocked truck so we can provide the service you need immediately – no delays for last minute store purchases and no waiting for parts orders.

Trying to Repair a Leaky Faucet On Your Own?

Whether you’re installing a new bathroom suite in your home or replacing your kitchen sink faucet, it’s important that you make an educated choice on your replacement parts and installation provider. If you plan on replacing or installing faucets on your own, be sure that you familiarize yourself with how to take off your old faucet and set up your new one.

With the right tools and the right know-how, a leaky faucet repair can be quick and simple. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of gluing, tightening or resetting a faucet to make it work just like new again. This saves you the trouble of trying to find that perfect replacement faucet that fits your home’s décor. Other times, you might just be able to figure out what to do by watching leaky faucet repair videos on YouTube or other plumbing websites.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Toronto Plumber for Your Leaky Faucet Repair

Let’s be honest, most of us simply don’t have the time or the confidence to tackle leaky faucet issues in our homes. If you want to keep your current faucets or you’re thinking of making a complete faucet replacement, take the safe route and contact a professional Toronto plumber.

When leaky faucets are repaired or replaced by a skilled, certified tradesman, the job is simple, fast, low-cost and hassle free. Our plumbers in Toronto make a point of analyzing your current plumbing systems before repairing faucets or installing new ones. To avoid any further issues while we perform the job, our trained plumbers turn off your main water valve. We work with great precision and know how to handle:

  • Indoor leaky faucet repair and replacement
  • Outdoor leaky faucet repair and replacement
  • Faucet cartridge replacements
  • Broken water faucet handles
  • Leaky faucet handles
  • Faucet maintenance

Leaky faucet repair

Replacement Parts for Leaky Faucets

Most of the time, leaky faucet repairs involve a particular part replacement. In this case, we identify the faulty part that needs replacement and provide it to you. Usually, it’s a part that we have right on our truck, but sometimes we may need to purchase it on your behalf or place a special order.

It can be challenging to find the perfect replacement part that fits the original faucet and that maintains the right dimensions, colours and appearance. Drain Rescue plumbers always pay close attention to aesthetics to ensure that not only is the job done right, but that it also looks good.

Restoring Old Faucets

Are you fond of your current faucets? Do you think they need a facelift but you want to maintain the vintage appearance of older faucets in your home? Hire Drain Rescue Plumbers in Toronto to re-polish, restore and enhance the appearance of your home’s faucets. If they’re well made and of good quality, we can refurbish your faucets so they look just like new again, giving your kitchens and bathrooms a polished appearance with an original, classic flare.

Our licensed and insured plumbers in Toronto have years of experience and expertise behind them. Whatever you need, we’re just a phone call away.


Leaky faucet repair

I looked at the reviews before hiring a plumber. That is why I am writing a review. We were not disappointed. We had water leaking and from up stairs to down stairs. A very courteous plumber, Terrence, came and told us what the problem was and fixed it. We had just moved into our house two weeks ago so we had a few faucets and other little things done by the plumber as well. Well worth it since he knew exactly what he was doing. We were very pleased with the service of Drain Rescue and with Terrence who sent to our home to fix our leak. Thank you.

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