Our Hydro Jetting Service for Drain Pipes

Why worry about costly repairs and replacements? Simply maintaining your drain lines with regular drain cleaner can keep them in good working function and even extend their life cycle. It’s expensive to rip out old drain lines and install new ones, so if your current lines are still salvageable, hire a professional hydro jetting service to perform a flush for you.

Get in the Habit of Hydro Jetting Cleaning Once a Year

The weather is constantly changing throughout any given calendar year. Each new season brings with it a host of weather challenges including plant roots and corrosion that can wreak havoc on your drains and even cause significant damage.

Annual cleaning for your drain line system is a very wise idea, especially because different times of the year bring their own weather difficulties and can wreak havoc on your drains, damaging them severely. Not to mention the fact that proper maintenance of a drainage system eliminates health risks, lessens your chances of incurring huge costs associated with line replacements and keeps utility costs low.

What is High Pressure Drain Cleaner or Hydro Jetting Cleaning?

Have you ever used a pressure washer to clean your back patio or front walkway? Hydro jetting for your drains is similar. It’s a very effective and quick technique used to clean out build-up in drains and tanks. High-pressure hot water is pushed out through the top of a thin line or tube, which has a couple of holes.

These tiny holes spit out the water at an amazing pressure of over 6000 psi. This level of pressure has the ability to clean out almost anything that’s stuck in your drain or pipe and remove all stains and greases.

While the drain cleaner pushes the line through the drain or tank, the hot water spits out in a 360-degree configuration. The hydro jetting tube can reach even the toughest areas including tank roofs and fixtures.

What Results Can I Expect from Hydro Jetting Cleaning for my Drains?

This widely used drain cleaner method is extremely effective at clearing out whatever blockages lie within the pipe and thoroughly cleans the drains in your plumbing system with relative ease. Sediment, rust and grease are cut away from the pipes, leaving nothing behind that could get in the way of water passing through.

Our drain cleaner service is not limited to clogged drain pipes – it’s also the most reliable cleaning solution for hot water tanks, septic tanks and any other plumbing components in need of a comprehensive cleaning in order to return to an optimal level of performance.

Hydro Jetting Expertise

Hydro jetting is an extremely precise science that requires adequate safety equipment and expertise, both of which our respected and experienced plumbing professionals at Drain Rescue have. All Drain Rescue plumbers are trained in every aspect of safety required by the process, they always take the necessary precautions, and they follow a strict set of guidelines while the procedure is performed in your home.

High Pressured Hydro Jetting Cleaning Must be Performed by a Professional

Given the water pressure released by hydro jetting equipment, this procedure is highly dangerous and can cause injury if it is performed incorrectly. Only a fully trained drain cleaner technician, equipped with all the necessary safety gear and knowledge, should use the hydro jetting device and perform the procedure.

When Hydro Jetting Provides the Greatest Benefit

After a long winter season, or in homes where the plumbing has not been cleared for an extended period of time, hydro jetting can work wonders. Without proper and regular cleaning, plumbing pipes and drains can begin to rot or corrode, which only causes further damage and the need for replacement.