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The drains in your home might need drain repair for any number of reasons. Maybe your drains have been clogged by grease, hair or other materials for too long and now there’s damage. Or perhaps the roots of surrounding trees have made their way into your pipes.

Whatever the cause, Drain Rescue can help. Our team of licensed and experienced plumbers in Toronto is skilled, friendly and efficient. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re ready to perform:

  • Drain auger repairs
  • Drain care
  • Drain repair with no dig
  • Trenchless drain repair
  • Clogged, broken and burst drain repair

Clogged Drains from Tree Roots

Did you know that the roots of trees planted above the sewer line of your home can actually cause clogging? It’s actually quite an unfortunate phenomenon of nature: roots seek moisture to sustain the trees they belong to, and they extend and reach through the soil in order to get this moisture. The natural condensation that comes from your sewer line draws the tree roots toward it. Although the sewer line is strong and durable, this isn’t always enough to withstand the roots over time. Tree roots can actually find, create and expand tiny cracks within the exterior of any drain pipe, which can lead to roots that penetrate the sewer line internally. These troublesome roots act as a stoppage for the flow of water and can even cause the pipe to burst.

Broken and Burst Drain Pipe Repairs

Any professional plumber will tell you: if you suspect a clogged drain in your home, get it fixed right away. If you don’t, waste and water pressure start to build up and cannot properly pass through to the main sewer drain pipe. Eventually, the pressure and build-up becomes so great that it bursts your pipe. And it doesn’t matter if your plumber has all the tools and know-how in the world – a burst drain can only be repaired through direct access to the damaged area.

Traditionally, the “trench method” or “open cut method” was used. Just as the names sound, this involves the removal of large portions of your lawn using a backhoe.

Luckily, today there is a better way.

Toronto Drain Repair – Without Digging!

For broken and burst pipe drain repair, Drain Rescue uses a modern technique called “trenchless drain installation”. This method enables us to gain access to your burst pipe with minimal damage to your lawn by creating small access holes. We pull the new drain pipe replacement through the damaged section by using your old broken drain line as a guide. After the underground drain pipe is relined, the new system is a fraction of an inch thinner with no noticeable effects on performance or regular use.

Understanding the Drain Pipes in Your Home

Drain pipes flow all the water from your bathroom and sink pipes. These drain pipes vary in their configuration, depending on how many different fixtures you have in the home. For example, how many sinks and toilets do you have?

If you were to take a look inside your walls, you’d see all different kinds of drain pipes running up and down. The pipes without running water are the ones with vents. Vent pipes are more noticeable because they usually run horizontally instead of vertically like the other drain pipes.

The Importance of Vents and Air

Drain pipes run all the way from your basement through your home and out your roof. The drains in your home have a very complex layout with vents that control the flow of water in and out of your home. These vents are an extremely important component of your plumbing system because they allow air to get through. This air helps the removal and release of your waste, water and everything else running through your drain pipes.

As you can see, drain pipes and plumbing are complex systems within your home. And if you want to avoid disaster, it’s essential that they be in good working order. If you suspect a problem, contact a qualified Toronto plumber immediately.

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