Drain Rescue Plumbers is an experienced, professional service that has been sending our teams into both residences and commercial buildings since 1997. We serve the Greater Toronto Area and have been a reliable Milton plumber for all of those years. We offer our customers two things.

Before we even begin work you get a fast response. We’re a very competitive service, and we’re used bringing our best, answering calls quickly, regardless of the time of day and making sure the right experts are assigned to your particular problem. Once our team arrives, we bring peace of mind. Our staff has the latest training, are fully licensed, and completely insured.

How To Know If You Need Professional Help

There are some issues that a little elbow grease and a simple tool, such as a plunger or even a twist or two of the wrench can fix. But then there are other issues that require a professional assessment and response. If you have the latter, and you leave the problem alone too long, you can end up turning a small, straightforward problem into a large, expensive one just by letting it develop. But how do you know when you need to call in a plumber? If you have:

  • Sinks that regularly clog
  • Smells coming from one or more drains in your home
  • Shower or bathtub drains that empty very slowly

You may already have a growing issue with your plumbing that could get much more serious. The best thing to do is to consult with experts, like Drain Rescue Plumber, and get a professional inspection. We provide free, on-site evaluations and we will never charge you just to look at a problem.

Here For Emergencies

As with many things in life, plumbing problems don’t always wait for normal working hours to crop up, and we understand that. This is why we’re also an emergency plumber in Milton, ready to respond quickly to any plumbing crisis you may suddenly find yourself dealing with.

When you call our 24/7 plumber in Milton service, we can take your call any day, any time of the week. And we can be there in just an hour or less because we know that faulty plumbing is not something you want to deal with for long.

A Range Of Services

Drain Rescue Plumbers is your Milton plumber with all the different services you need. We’re not just here for repairs; we can help with important, preventive maintenance, such as drain cleaning. With high-pressure water, we can scour any pipes in your home. Our hydro-jetting system clears a line all the way to the sewer. If you need a plumbing snake or other techniques for specific types of blockage, we have that too. Some of our other services include:

  • Drain repair & installation
  • Video camera inspection
  • Backwater valve & sump pump installation
  • Sink & toilet repair/replacement
  • New water service upgrades
  • Clogged drain or sewer back up cleaning
  • Water heater servicing
  • Bathtub/shower repair or replacement
  • House bib & shut off valve installations
  • Tap & faucet repair/replacement

If you want a competitive, professional Milton plumber that provides real results that are cost-effective, you want Drain Rescue Plumbers. Contact us today at 416-533-7070!

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